C++ and C# Compatibility

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The following tools should work with C++ code:


- IDE Menu Shortcuts

- PE Information

- Grep Search / Grep Results

- Procedure List (no support for old C-style parameter lists)

- Message Dialog

- Expert Manager

- ASCII Chart

- Clipboard History

- Perfect Layout (deprecated)

- Replace Components

- Set Tab Order

- Clean Directories

- Favorite Files (although one icon shows Delphi)

- Code Librarian (although two icons show Delphi)

- Source Export

- Code Proofreader (except compiler-assisted replacement)

- Components to Code

- Backup Project (it only includes C++ source files in the project file)

- To Do List

- Rename Components

- Copy Component Names

- Editor Experts

  - Insert Date/Time

  - Comment Code

  - Uncomment Code

  - Locate/Move to Matching Delimiter

  - Macro Templates (except for many %MACROS% that require source parsing)

  - Sort Selected Lines

  - Previous/Next Identifier Reference

  - Reverse Statement

  - Change Case

  - Select Identifier

  - Align Lines

  - Change Case

- IDE Enhancements

  - Multi-line Tabs

  - Show Tabs as Buttons

  - Component Palette Tab Names in Popup Menu

  - Add a Windows Menu

- Code editor enhancements and the editor toolbar

- Macro Library

- Open File

- Find Component Reference

- Set Component Properties

- Hide/Show Non-Visual Components

- Set FocusControl



The following tools will only work with Delphi source code:


- Class Browser

- Project Dependencies (only Pascal dependencies in the project file are found)

- Several of the editor toolbar buttons, such as Used Units, Unit Positions, etc.

- Uses Clause Manager



C# Compatibility


None of the tools that require source code parsing will work with C# code, because GExperts does not contain a C# code parser.  The state of the other tools with respect to C# is that they may work, but there has been only limited testing to verify correct results, since RAD Studio no longer supports C# projects.